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Mastering the Smokey Eye Technique to Make Mature Eyelids Look Younger

As we age, fine lines and wrinkles on the face become more pronounced, and wearing heavy makeup can often exacerbate these concerns. However, with the right technique, makeup products can be used to conceal signs of ageing effectively. If you're looking to achieve a younger, fresher look around the eyes, there's one makeup technique that you need to master – the smokey eye.

The eye area is one of the first parts of the face to show signs of ageing, and heavy makeup can make it look even worse. But, contrary to popular belief, eyeshadow can be used to hide wrinkles and fine lines, provided you choose the right shades and apply them correctly. Professional makeup artist Chelsea Sutter recently shared her "awesome tip" on TikTok for those with ageing concerns around the eyes.

In a recent video, Chelsea demonstrated how the smokey eyeshadow effect can take years off your appearance. She compared two different makeup looks on her eyes, one with a blend of neutral brown shades and the other with a more intense smokey effect that went higher beneath her lower lash line and up to her brow bone. The difference was significant, with the smokey eye appearing less "aged" than the one without the extra eyeshadow.

How can you achieve the perfect smokey eye? 

Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Prep your eyelids: Start by applying a light cream concealer shade on your eyelids with a fluffy brush. This evens out the skin tone and gives the eyeshadow something to stick to.
  2. Choose your eyeshadow shades: You can use any colour, but it should not be too dark or light. Dip the brush into the palette, tap off the excess, and apply a medium brown tone using a fluffy brush and a pointed brush.
  3. Apply the eyeshadow: For hooded eyes, place the shadow right in the outer corner of the eyes near the lash line in a "windshield swipe" motion to blend it out. Continue to apply colour to the lower lash line and the corner of the eye. Use a darker colour in the same area, keeping it nice and tight and small.
  4. Use a light shimmery shade: In the inner corner of the eye and on the lid, dab a light shimmery shade in a gold tone for warmer skin tones or a silver shade for lighter complexions.

Frequently Asked Questions

By following these steps, you can achieve the perfect smokey eye and take years off your appearance. So, if you have mature eyes and have been noticing that the skin has lost its elasticity, try mastering the smokey eye technique to combat that. With a few adjustments, anyone can wear eyeshadow, and with the right technique, you can make mature eyelids look totally different in seconds. 


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